The Divers ft. IRIS @ Burley Fisher

On Monday 28th we decided to keep the momentum going (using the last remnants of SK’s energy/adrenaline) in order to bring The Divers and IRIS to London, specifically to Haggerston-based bookshop Burley Fisher. The event featured more wine, and a series of readings, neatly picked from across each of our last three publications. From IRIS I & II we had Lili Hamlyn reading from her experimental prose work, ‘Coney Island,’ Joe Dodd reading a fictional prose piece, and a recital of her poem ‘Bells’ by Lauren Collee. To top off the evening, Arabella Currie, (having recently jumped off a plane from the US), read several poems from her recent collection The Divers.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event, Burley Fisher for hosting us, and most importantly, our wonderful authors for their readings.


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