IRIS II: Launch & Exhibition

On 26th & 27th November we held a launch party and temporary exhibition for IRIS II at OVADA in Oxford. We’d like to thank the large number of people that made the trip (in sub-zero temperatures) to support and celebrate with us.

The event included free flowing wine of two varieties, miniature(!) French beers, a moderate number of balloons, and most importantly, some fantastic readings from Camille Ralphs (‘Pillow Cases’, IRIS I), Harry Long (‘Frédéric de l’Éducation sentimentale’ IRIS II) and a sneak preview into the third and final edition with Dom Leonard reading from his poem, ‘Sunrise, A Translation.’

The exhibition featured the work of Ros Ford, Lauren Baldwin, Lucy Jonas and Josefin Meijer, as well this edition’s two comix creators Dom Davies and Bruno Schillinger. Not only did this enable our readers to encounter these contributions in the flesh, but also to see them within a wider context of other work.

We would like to say a special thank you everybody who was involved in reading or exhibiting. While photos will follow, for now you will have to put up with our (manically) happy faces.


IRIS II: Call for Submissions


We’re beginning work on the second edition of IRIS, and are opening the call for submissions.

The second edition will follow on from the first: a collection of art and writing exploring the theme ‘Sense of Place’. As before, this subject is purposefully broad.

As a small book, IRIS has certain limitations that result from its construction. A single gathering only allows for around forty pages so space is restricted. For the first edition we placed a limit on the essays, poetry and prose – we now want to lift that constraint. Instead we are seeking interesting and experimental pieces that play with space.

We are looking for contributions in the following genres:

The interview
Prose (fiction or non fiction)
Printing (lino, screen, wood)
The essay (short or long form)
Drawn or painted work
The review

In particular, we want to encourage collaboration and response – whether in terms of critical work, illustration or joint-authorship. As before, our aim is to foster artistic encounter and discourse, both between the pieces and between our contributors and their readers.

Important Dates

The deadline for expressions of interest and/or abstracts is Friday 8th July and the final deadline for contributions is Monday 25th July. (Although we do not require abstracts before submission, it is helpful for us to know the form your contribution will take.)
The second edition is anticipated for release at the end of September 2016.
Further Information:

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

If you intend on submitting visual art please contact us at the above address to discuss arrangements and accepted formats.

IRIS I: An Exhibition

One of the core tenets behind our original conception of IRIS was to encourage an encounter with the physical page and its contents. With that in mind, IRIS: An Exhibition was meant as a celebration of the visual works included in the first edition: a showcase of the sculptures, photography and comix.

The idea behind the exhibition was to enable those who hadn’t yet had a chance to purchase a copy the opportunity to encounter the works in an immediate sett1ing, while for those who had read it, a new experience to see the works in their pre-print state. Thank you to all those who came to the exhibition, it was an excellent evening.

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