A collaboration of original poetry, prose, and visual art, IRIS is a space for contemporary interpretations of the theme ‘Sense of Place’. A catalyst for dialogue between artists and writers alike, IRIS aims to foster creative encounter and discourse between its generically diverse contributions; whether fictional or not, visual or written, we aim to make the works conspire with, and complement, one another.

IRIS is a three part publication, each edition equally spaced throughout one year and limited to a single print run of three hundred for each edition. Printed in Oxford and distributed in the UK alone, the physical product is an embodiment of its thematic focus; IRIS is both borne from and anchored to a specific locale.

IMG_4331 copy
IRIS III image

The physical product is printed using an experimental mixture of letterpress and risograph, hand-stitched, with an individually marbled band, making each of the three hundred copies is unique. The first edition launched in March 2016, featuring works from Dominic Davies, Joe Dodd, Josefin Meijer and Arabella Currie, while the second was published in November 2016, and included poetry, translation, comix and collage.

Each publication is accompanied by a launch event and exhibition, which features the visual art from that edition. The aim is to encourage a wider engagement with the works and to allow our readers to interact with the contents beyond the confines of the page.

You can hear SK discussing IRIS with Oxford’s Daily Information here & read a review in the Oxonian on our blog.

The first and second editions are available to purchase from various retailers, as well as via PayPal through our online shop. The third edition of IRIS is due to launch on 25th March 2017 and we are open for submissions until February 20th. Please see here for further details.