IRIS I: An Exhibition

One of the core tenets behind our original conception of IRIS was to encourage an encounter with the physical page and its contents. With that in mind, IRIS: An Exhibition was meant as a celebration of the visual works included in the first edition: a showcase of the sculptures, photography and comix.

The idea behind the exhibition was to enable those who hadn’t yet had a chance to purchase a copy the opportunity to encounter the works in an immediate sett1ing, while for those who had read it, a new experience to see the works in their pre-print state. Thank you to all those who came to the exhibition, it was an excellent evening.

excellent evendsc_0168 dsc_0172

excellent evendsc_0174 dsc_0211 

excellent evendsc_0252 dsc_0247

excellent evendsc_0207 dsc_0183



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