IRIS: Live at Blackwell’s

In the run up to the launch of IRIS III, HSP hosted IRIS: Live on Tuesday 21st February, an evening of readings taken from the first two editions of IRIS. The audience heard Lili Hamlyn reading from ‘Coney Island’, Joe Dodd, Dom Leonard reading ‘Sunrise,’, Harry Long, Ryan Bradley reading from ‘The Lilac Fever’ and an exclusive piece from, HSP poet, Arabella Currie’s latest translation work.

We’d like to take this chance to thank Blackwell’s bookshop, all our contributors for taking part and to every one who came to watch this event.

IWD Panel at Waterstones

On Friday 3rd March, Hurst Street Press hosted a panel discussion in conjunction with the Oxford Poetry Society at Waterstones, in honour of International Women’s Day 2017. We had four fantastic poets – Lili Hamlyn, Sarah Fletcher, Joanna Walsh and Selena Nwulu – discussing their work and their major influences. To begin the evening, each poet was asked to read sections from the work of an author who they saw to be a major influence, as well as some pieces of their own writing. The second part of the evening was structured as a panel discussion chaired by Camille Ralphs (OPS President) and Shoshana Kessler (HSP), this focused on reactions towards feminist labeling, interaction with the literary canon and notions of female form, theme and style. The evening concluded with a poetry open mic, where members of the audience were encouraged to sign up to read a piece of their writing.

It was a fascinating event and we’d like to thank Waterstones for their support, as well as Lili, Sarah, Joanna and Selena, and to everyone who came along to watch.


           Joanna Walsh                       Sarah Fletcher                       Lili Hamlyn                                  Selena Nwulu




IRIS II – Launch Photos

As promised – a selection of mood-lit photos of the IRIS II launch party.

Thanks again to all those who came to celebrate with us. Copies of IRIS II are now available to purchase through our online shop.

Thanks again

Thanks ag    

Thanks again

Thanks again  



The Divers ft. IRIS @ Burley Fisher

On Monday 28th we decided to keep the momentum going (using the last remnants of SK’s energy/adrenaline) in order to bring The Divers and IRIS to London, specifically to Haggerston-based bookshop Burley Fisher. The event featured more wine, and a series of readings, neatly picked from across each of our last three publications. From IRIS I & II we had Lili Hamlyn reading from her experimental prose work, ‘Coney Island,’ Joe Dodd reading a fictional prose piece, and a recital of her poem ‘Bells’ by Lauren Collee. To top off the evening, Arabella Currie, (having recently jumped off a plane from the US), read several poems from her recent collection The Divers.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event, Burley Fisher for hosting us, and most importantly, our wonderful authors for their readings.


IRIS II: Launch & Exhibition

On 26th & 27th November we held a launch party and temporary exhibition for IRIS II at OVADA in Oxford. We’d like to thank the large number of people that made the trip (in sub-zero temperatures) to support and celebrate with us.

The event included free flowing wine of two varieties, miniature(!) French beers, a moderate number of balloons, and most importantly, some fantastic readings from Camille Ralphs (‘Pillow Cases’, IRIS I), Harry Long (‘Frédéric de l’Éducation sentimentale’ IRIS II) and a sneak preview into the third and final edition with Dom Leonard reading from his poem, ‘Sunrise, A Translation.’

The exhibition featured the work of Ros Ford, Lauren Baldwin, Lucy Jonas and Josefin Meijer, as well this edition’s two comix creators Dom Davies and Bruno Schillinger. Not only did this enable our readers to encounter these contributions in the flesh, but also to see them within a wider context of other work.

We would like to say a special thank you everybody who was involved in reading or exhibiting. While photos will follow, for now you will have to put up with our (manically) happy faces.


KLICK Oxford-Leiden Talk

On Saturday 29th October, HSP did a talk as part of KLICK Oxford-Leiden’s exhibition, Blue Fades into the Invisible, which is on display at OVADA Gallery until 13th November. Our talk touched upon various subjects, from the inspiration behind the press, a (very) brief history of British publishing as well as a discussion of our aims and intentions. We explored how letterpress printing worked and explained some of the thought processes behind the design of IRIS and THE DIVERS. It was a pretty awesome afternoon, and enriching to hear Tommy Watkins discussing his development as an artist and broader comments on the contemporary state of art.

KLICK is an international art project offering a platform for young artists from Leiden and Oxford. In 2016, the two cities will have been twinned for 70 years. Inspired by this friendship, KLICK brings together young artists from both cities to honour our shared history and forge new links through exchanges and exhibitions. 

We were honored to be asked and recommend going to check out the exhibition! For more information:



FREE VERSE: The Poetry Book Fair 2016


On Sept 17th one half of Hurst Street Press headed down to Conway Hall to set up shop at the FREE VERSE Poetry Fair.

csi46b7wiae1rng-jpg-largeThe day, described as ‘a riotous display of both the quality of current independent poetry publications, as well as the community that supports them’ took place between 10-4.30pm. We took down copies of both IRIS and The Divers to sell, but spent much of the day wandering round other stalls in a haze of book-induced happiness.

We received the loveliest mention in this article, which featured highlights from the day! It was a pretty amazing day – looking forward to what 2017 has to bring.

Check out the official website for more details and to keep up to date on the latest news –


IRIS II: Call for Submissions


We’re beginning work on the second edition of IRIS, and are opening the call for submissions.

The second edition will follow on from the first: a collection of art and writing exploring the theme ‘Sense of Place’. As before, this subject is purposefully broad.

As a small book, IRIS has certain limitations that result from its construction. A single gathering only allows for around forty pages so space is restricted. For the first edition we placed a limit on the essays, poetry and prose – we now want to lift that constraint. Instead we are seeking interesting and experimental pieces that play with space.

We are looking for contributions in the following genres:

The interview
Prose (fiction or non fiction)
Printing (lino, screen, wood)
The essay (short or long form)
Drawn or painted work
The review

In particular, we want to encourage collaboration and response – whether in terms of critical work, illustration or joint-authorship. As before, our aim is to foster artistic encounter and discourse, both between the pieces and between our contributors and their readers.

Important Dates

The deadline for expressions of interest and/or abstracts is Friday 8th July and the final deadline for contributions is Monday 25th July. (Although we do not require abstracts before submission, it is helpful for us to know the form your contribution will take.)
The second edition is anticipated for release at the end of September 2016.
Further Information:

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

If you intend on submitting visual art please contact us at the above address to discuss arrangements and accepted formats.

IRIS I: An Exhibition

One of the core tenets behind our original conception of IRIS was to encourage an encounter with the physical page and its contents. With that in mind, IRIS: An Exhibition was meant as a celebration of the visual works included in the first edition: a showcase of the sculptures, photography and comix.

The idea behind the exhibition was to enable those who hadn’t yet had a chance to purchase a copy the opportunity to encounter the works in an immediate sett1ing, while for those who had read it, a new experience to see the works in their pre-print state. Thank you to all those who came to the exhibition, it was an excellent evening.

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No Bindings Launch

HOURS Space | 28/05/16 | 3.30-4.30pm

CjjMBadXIAQfDz0.jpg large
HSP reunion with Editor-in-Chief Lily Green.

On Saturday 28th May, Hurst Street Press will be on the road (train) to Bristol to join in, and support, the launch of the first edition of an exciting new publication, No Bindings.

The official blurb: “No Bindings is a publication project of fold ups filled with art and writing, each with a counterpart podcast. With its malleable format, you can send it like a letter, pin it up like a poster, read it like a book, and listen to it like a podcast.”

We will be in conversation with founder Lily Green, discussing the history of independent publishing and how it stands today, before turning to our first publication IRIS, and the process we used to create it. We will be looking at how the practice of print publishing has adapted and advanced the design and production of books and media, and what influence the digitalisation of literature has had upon the process of reading.

CjjPw1CWsAQpH4A.jpg large
Discussing the merits of materialism.

Please see here for further details about the event, and make sure to look at the No Bindings website.

The second edition, ‘Ceremony and Celebration’ is due for launch in October 2016, if you’re interesting in submitting some work send an email to

HOURS Space, 10 Colston Yard, Bristol